What are the Adult BVJJ classes all about?

At Bow Valley Jiu Jitsu we run beginner friendly classes twice a week. The techniques shown during class are for both Gi and Nogi. The fundamental classes are run so that anyone new to Jiu Jitsu can learn the basic movements of our art while also providing more advanced movements for students that are looking for more of a challenge. 

Along with out fundamental classes we do run an advanced class that is invite only on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm. This class is for students that have shown a thorough understanding of our basic techniques which make up the foundation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Advanced class has some requirements that need to be met before attending, please speak with our instructor to find out more.

The primary focus of BJJ is ground fighting but we do teach takedowns. Teaching takedowns is important for both self defence and sport Jiu Jitsu as it will allow you to impose your skill and technique to a greater extent. An additional benefit to teaching take downs is in learning the ability to know how to safely fall and land properly so that the impact is minimized.

After adult class we go straight into live rolling (sparring). Rolling allows the student to practise the techniques while also learning to deal with pressure and thrive in it in a safe environment. At Bow Valley Jiu Jitsu we always strive to maintain a safe environment in which to train. This is achieved through a club atmosphere in which we teach that the most important person in the club is your partner, because without them you would not be able to train. Who's the most important person in the room? Your partner! Safety is a huge emphasis for us at BVJJ. We believe in leaving your ego at the door and training with a focus on control, not strength.

It's my first class, what do I wear?!

For tops, we recommend a long sleeved fitted shirt — definitely not made of a thermal material! You will get very hot. For bottoms, long shorts or leggings for women work fine. We do sell rashguards (shirts) and spats (leggings specifically for Jiu Jitsu) as well as gi uniforms at the club, although unnecessary if you're just starting and wanting to see if it's for you. 

We don't recommend sparring if:

- You're feeling under the weather and may be contagious 

- Have received a new tattoo or piercing recently 

- Have a skin infection